Bathtub Refinishing FAQ in Forest Hill, TX; How Long to Dry (Curing Time), Color Change & More

When the tub has seen better days, many homeowners often deal with a cracked and/or unsightly bathtub because they feel the only remedy is a costly tub replacement. Fortunately, there is an alternative in tub refinishing or re-glazing services. Few know about tub refinishing and have many questions regarding the service. With this in mind, we at Chips Tubs & Tiling Refinishing would like to answer a handful of the most common frequently asked questions.

Bathtub Refinishing FAQ

Is there a substantial savings with reglazing versus replacing my tub?
If you have no intentions of remodeling your bathroom, you will want to invest in re-glazing. Though a new tub can cost a few hundred dollars, the cost in plumbing alterations and tile rework will run the cost into the thousands. Re-gazing can easily save you thousands of dollars instead of replacing.
How long is the process for bathtub refinishing to dry?
Generally, the re-glazing process takes between 2 and 5 hours and the bathtub can frequently be used the next day.
Is their any care involved following a reglazing service?
A non-abrasive mild cleanser is all that is required to clean out the tub about once a week. Do not scrub our scour to wash out the tub. If the tile and grout around the tub was not services, be sure to consider having it sealed to resist mold and mildew.
Does the tub look like it was painted after a reglazing?
The tub does not look like it was painted, but the refinishing restores it like-new again. With a reputable professional, consumers usually cannot tell the difference between a new tub and a re-glazed tub.
Are there are any harsh smells during the bathtub reglazing process?
There is often a slight odor once the service is finished this typically dissipates within a few hours and to help control the odors of the products, professionals will utilize ventilation systems.
Are tubs the only fixture that can refinished?
Bathroom or kitchen tile, sinks, vanities, and countertops are all candidates to be professionally re-glazed to restore shine and beauty.
Is the bathtubs chips, scratches, and cracks repaired during the re-glazing process?
Generally, the imperfections are filled before the refinishing process, allowing the damaged porcelain, fiberglass, or acrylic surfaces look like new.
Is the new bathtub finish and original finish identical?
The finishes are not the same, as you would need a kiln at 2500 degrees to duplicate a porcelain finish the fixture. The synthetic product hardens after it is applied to duplicate the beautiful high gloss porcelain-like luster. Professionals use high-quality to ensure satisfactory, durable, and long-lasting results.
Can the tub be used prior to refinishing services?
There is no problem using the bathtub before professionals arrive as long as the cracks are not leaking.
Can the color of the bathtub be changed?
Bathtubs can be re-glazed in any color with an additional fee for the extra work involved in most cases.

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