Bathtub Reglazing & Refinishing VS Replacing a Worn Tub in Your Garland, TX Bathroom

Like everything else we own and use, bathtubs eventually wear. The buildup of hard water deposits and wear of the finish makes it look dirty and unsightly. When bathtubs become so warn that you have to decide on a remedy, you have basically, a few options; replace or refinish the tub. Today, we at Chips, Tubs & Tile Refinishing would like to take the opportunity to discuss refinishing, VS replacing the bathtub.

Bathtub Replacement

Really, the only time you would want to replace the tub is if you are opting to do a full bathroom remodel to make it cost-effective. Being that most tubs are installed in an alcove or corner, lapped by the flooring and wall finishes to create a watertight seal and tied down in at least two places by plumbing, it would ultimately cost at least a thousand or more to simply replace the tub. Tub liners are possible, but have a lot of disadvantages such as draining problems, mold and mildew buildup and other issues. If your tub is chipped and scratched, refinishing is the most cost-effective option with optimal results.

Bathtub Refinishing or Reglazing

Refinishing, or sometimes referred to as reglazing, is a more site intensive process. It is important to allow professionals to handle the refinishing of your bathtub because if the products used require safety gear and the precision and end result is done with a trained and experienced technician. If there is any chipping, the professional can fill it in with a special resin. Once it is dried, it is sanded and smoothed down. With the prep to protect the surrounding surfaces and preparing the tub for the refinishing process, the professional ensures the bathroom is properly ventilated and masked off. To ensure the new finish adheres to the tub, the tub is also etched. With the help of a fan, the refinisher washes away the hydrofluoric acid, installs new caulk and dries the tub next. To promote adhesion of the finish coats, two coats of a fast-drying epoxy is sprayed onto the bathtub’s surface. Once dried, the tub is cleaned with a tack cloth to remove any dust particles or insects where four applications of a polyurethane finish coat are sprayed on with sanding in between each coat. Once completed, the process is concluded with a polishing. Depending on how extensive the repair is, the whole process takes a single technician about four to six hours, however, the tub needs to cure for a minimum of 24 hours before the water can be turned on and used.

Bathtub Repair, Refinishing & More in Irving, Plano, Garland, Mesquite, Arlington & Greater Dallas, Texas

With refinishing being the most time and cost-effective options, when your tub is chipped or looking worn, call Chips, Tub & Tile Refinishing. Our experienced and skilled team of professionals can evaluate your tub and determine which option is better for your circumstances. Should your tub require a refinishing service, we will list the wear and our intention to repair your tub and refinish it. By the time we are done, your tub will be restored like new again. Call Chips, Tubs & Tile Refinishing today to get started!