Cast Iron Sink Refinishing in Grapevine, TX; Cleaner to Remove Hard Water Stains, Rust & More

To add a lot of character to a kitchen or bathroom, many homeowners enjoy the look of cast iron sinks, as they are a vintage element that is a classic style. However, unlike many other types of sinks, cast iron sinks do have issues involving maintenance. A big one is the fact they can rust pretty fast and easily, and a simple paint job is not always the best solution. The good news is that the old cast iron sink you love can be brought back to life with refinishing. With a little TLC, you can keep the cast iron sink looking new and avoiding the rust and other issues. Professional refinishing, ultimately, ensures it is done safely and proficiently. However, we do understand that many homeowners will inevitably attempt to take on this project themselves and as a result, we at Chips, Tubs, and Tile Refinishing would like to share the steps to refinish the cast iron sink.

Chemical Cleaner to Cast Iron Sink to Remove Hard Water Stains, Rust & More

As refinishing the cast iron sink is already a challenging project on its own, make it simpler by cleaning it first with the appropriate chemicals. Trisodium phosphate is the main chemical you will want to use. From the surface of the cast iron, the grime or dirt is easily removed, and any paint and rust will be easily removed in following steps. Be sure to wear eye protection and a respirator while using this chemical!

Abrasive to Restore Cast Iron Sink

Due to its density, as cast iron sinks are very durable in their construction, the rust has a hard time eating through the metal. Thanks to the density, cast iron can endure the harsh cleaning and refinishing techniques. To make some headway in the process, use steel wool and diamond coated sanding pads on cast iron sinks. You may want to consider using a drill or power sander to get the job done as well.

Removing Old Paint from Cast Iron Utility Sink

Because the natural look of metal is black, and the texture is rough, quite a few people want to paint cast iron sinks, however, the finished result is often unattractive. You will first need to remove the original paint in order to refinish the cast iron sink. Depending on the paint used, you can remove the old finish by using a combination of alcohol or paint thinner, followed up by an abrasive cleaning using paint scraper and/or steel wool. Keep in mind this process may take a few repeat applications and scraping until all of the paint is removed.

Cast Iron Sink Refinishing

Once the sink is cleaned and all of the old paint is removed and rust is cleared, you can effectively refinish you cast iron sink. Apply to the sink, a thin layer of a waterproof paint that is oil-based with a dry brush. Let the 1st coat dry overnight completely and then, using 100-grit sandpaper or a sanding block gently sand it down the following day. With a tack cloth, wipe the sink out, afterwards, apply another layer of paint. Apply a thick third layer of paint after repeating the process one final time. You can apply a coat of sealer to the paint to further protect it once the last layer of paint is completely dry. Allow the paint to cure for at least 48 hours before allowing water to run through it or having contact with other objects.

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Refinishing a cast iron sink can be a bit hazardous with the chemical process, and if you are unfamiliar, the finished result can be unsatisfactory. Ensure maximum results and avoid potential health risks by allowing the certified experts from Chips, Tubs, and Tile Refinishing to get the job done for you!