Ceramic & Porcelain Tile Cleaning Mistakes in Farmers Branch, TX; Scrubbing with Wire Brush & More

While tiled surfaces are some of the most maintenance free materials you can have, you still have to take care of them to extend their life. There are several things that people do on a regular basis that may be damaging their tiled surfaces. If you are looking to avoid causing unnecessary damage to your tile, you can find some common mistakes that should be avoided here. Chips, Tile & Tub Refinishing is here to help you avoid damage to your tile with some common mistakes you should avoid.

Using the Wrong Cleaners on Ceramic & Porcelain Tile

It is a common misconception that you can use whatever cleaner you like on tiled surfaces without causing any damage. While it is harder to cause damage to tile, you can still change their appearance when you aren’t using the right cleaner. You should avoid using ammonia or bleach on tile. When you use these cleaners, it slowly starts to remove the sheen found on tile and leaves them looking dull. Not only will it leave your tile looking dull, but it can cause damage to the grout as well with discoloration. This is a gradual process and many people don’t notice until it is too late and the damage has been done.

Scrubbing with a Wire Brush etc Can Damage Tile & Grout

It may seem like grout is an indestructible material, but when you scrub it, it can damage it. You should always avoid using steel wool, scrubbing powders or other abrasive materials when you are trying to clean your grout. A soft cloth and even a mop are sufficient in cleaning the grout. On a daily basis.

Not Protecting Tile from Furniture is a Mistake

While your tile can withstand a lot, it is still vulnerable when it comes to furniture. Your tile can easily crack and break if you don’t protect it from furniture. You should always use furniture pads under the legs of your furniture and show caution especially when moving furniture. Avoid dropping it on tile to avoid cracking and causing damage.

Not Cleaning Up Spills Right Away Can Cause Stains

Anytime you see spills on your tile, you should work to clean them up as soon as possible. When you let spills sit on tile, it can cause discoloration. This is especially true when you are dealing with oily stains, tomato stains or dark drinks. The portion of your tile flooring most susceptible to staining is the grout.

Improper Caulking & Sealing Can Causes Water Damage Under Tile

If you have tile that is going to be near water, you need to ensure there is caulking to offer the protection it needs. When you fail to caulk around a tile surface, water can seep beneath the tile and cause water damage to the surface under the tile. Likewise, sealing your tile and grout will keep it protected against spills and other damaging substances.

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