DIY Bathtub Reglazing Problems to Avoid in Euless, TX; Not Long Enough Curing Time & More

Some people will often opt to do their own tub refinishing when its time to update the look or for a normal part of maintenance. However, refinishing the bathtub is a lot trickier than people suppose and there is frequently a distinct difference between professional quality and DIY projects, especially for the inexperienced. There is more to the procedure to ensure it is properly executed and more homeowners find that when they take on the project themselves or hire a handyman or other untrained professional, the tub refinishing will end up costing more to have it redone right and the project will take far longer than necessary as the tub will be an eyesore and even to a much greater extent, damaged. In an effort to help those who decide to take on the refinishing of their bathtub as a DIY project, we at Chips, Tubs and Tile Refinishing would like to take the opportunity to share some of the mistakes that occur to help you prevent it.

Common Bathtub Refinishing Mistakes

1) During the preparation process, shortcuts are taken: For a good bathtub refinishing job, like many tasks, they require adequate preparation. Before you even begin to properly refinish the tub, you will need to ensure it undergoes a thorough cleaning, which includes the associated faucet and fixtures. Once cleaned and dry, the bathtub is then sanded down enough to remove the fine dirt particles. Following the sanding process, the tub is cleaned again to remove all the residual debris from the sanding process. All caulking is efficiently removed and to protect the flooring and surrounding surfaces, plastic sheets should be carefully and securely put in place.
2) The wrong process is used for the refinishing process: The cleansers, primers, enamels, and other products are used wrongly as well as the paraphernalia needed to apply these products, such as rollers, brushes, and so on. This actually leans more to the quality of the products and people using low-quality in order to save a few bucks, and it reflects in the finished result. Poor results are often from the products; ensure you invest to moderate to high quality products for your tub refinishing project.
3) Not letting the applications dry between the stages of refinishing: In the haste to get the job done, or simply lack of understanding the importance of ensuring the various applications are dry, people move on to the next stage before it is advisable. There is a higher risk that the primer and/or enamel coats will not properly adhere to the tub’s surface when there is not enough time allotted to allow for complete drying between the refinishing stages. If enough moisture remains on the tub’s surface it can prevent the final stages of the tub to be finished, not to mention make for an unsightly refinishing.

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In the end, hiring a professional to refinish your tub is ultimately the most optimal solution to ensure quality and beauty for your next bathtub refinishing project. Call Chips, Tubs and Tile Refinishing today for your bathtub refinishing services and let our experts ensure it is done correctly.