How Can Reglazing & Refinishing Your Bathtub Help You Sell Your Dallas, TX Home Faster?

If you are thinking of selling your home, you want to not only appeal to a large pool of buyers, but you also want to get as much money for your home as possible. There are two rooms that will help increase the value of your home as well as appeal to more buyers: the kitchen and bathroom. If you complete smart renovations, you will find that you will see an excellent return on investment (ROI). Chips, Tub and Tile Refinishing is here to talk about how refinishing your bathtub can be one of the smartest moves you can make when getting ready to sell your home.

Your Bathtub is a Focal Point in Your Bathroom

When people walk into a luxury bathroom, they expect to see a few things stand out. Either the shower or the bathtub, maybe even both. Many people are looking for a bathtub that is inviting and oozes luxury.

Is Bathtub Reglazing, Repainting or Relining Worth It?

Replacing an outdated bathtub may not be the wisest decision when you are thinking of selling your home. It can be a very involved process and costly as well. As you get ready to stage your home, you want the bathroom to visually appeal to buyers, and it can’t do that with an outdated bathtub. You may find that you can get an excellent ROI when you decide to refinish your outdated bathtub rather than replacing. It is the most affordable option and will fit into anybody’s budget. Chips, Tub & Tile Refinishing’s reglazing process is basically repainting with an acrylic, enamel, urethane or epoxy spray paint. As our finishes are properly prepped and applied, they can be as hard and durable as the original! If your tub has stress cracks, an overlay may be necessary. In this case, Chips, Tub & Tile Refinishing can reline your tub by adhering a fiberglass panel to the existing surface with an optional skid resistance as well.

Types of Bathtubs Worth Refinishing Rather Than Replacing

There are two different materials that bathtubs are made of: metal and fiberglass. Regardless of the type of bathtub you have, they can both be refinished. Even if your metal tub shows years of use with rusted spots, they are no match for our refinishing process. No matter the shape and size of the bathtub, refinishing is a possibility. This includes:
Standard Bathtubs: By far the most common bathtubs in moderns homes. These bathtubs are built into the wall of older homes and are difficult to remove.
Corner Tubs: These tubs are usually built into bathrooms that have a lot of space. It is difficult to remove these tubs without causing major structural damage.
Free Standing Tubs: If you are trying to achieve a vintage feel in your home, a free standing tub is an excellent way to do it. They are usually unique and definitely worth refinishing rather than replacing.
Jacuzzi Tubs: These are usually found outdoors and are incredibly expensive to replace. Refinishing them makes much more sense if you have a budget you are trying to stay within.

Bathtub Refinishing & More in Irving, Plano, Garland, Mesquite, Arlington & Greater Dallas, Texas

If you are interested in updating your bathroom without breaking the bank, a great alternative to replacing your bathtub is refinishing. The professionals at Chips, Tub and Tile Refinishing can help you increase your home’s sale-ability by refinishing your bathtub. We will make your bathtub look like new again. Call us today!