How to Make Stainless Steel Sinks Look Like New Again in Glenn Heights, TX; Refinish & Restore

Stainless steel is an increasing trend found in many homes. Their glamour and contemporary style tend to attract those who enjoy modern styles. Though durable and generally simple to maintain, the stainless steel sinks, if not properly maintained or they are improperly cleaned, can become scratched, which makes the surface look dull and even dingy. Because scratched stainless steel allows food particles, dirt, and debris to adhere to the surface, the scratches can significantly worsen the look of your otherwise gorgeous stainless-steel sinks. Thankfully, if your stainless-steel sinks get to this state, they can be restored with refinishing projects that can restore the stainless steel to its original glory. Below, we at Chips, Tubs, & Tile Refinishing would like to share steps to refinish your stainless-steel sink.

How to Refinish Stainless Steel Sinks

Step 1 – Vinegar Soak: With white vinegar, soak the sink. From the tap water that runs through the stainless-steel sink, the surface collects mineral deposits. The sink can look dull and damaged from the mineral buildup. To soak the sink evenly and effectively, saturate a cleaning cloth with white vinegar and cover the sink with it. You may need to use more than one cloth to ensure the entire sink is covered.
Step 2- Rinse: Rinse the sink well. Pick up any remaining mineral deposits using a cloth rinsed and treated with fresh vinegar. Afterwards, use a water-damp cloth to wipe down the surface.
Step 3 – Hydrogen Peroxide Scrub: So that you do not scratch up your sink anymore, use the plastic scrubbing sponge treated with hydrogen peroxide. Out of the microscopic cracks in the sink, the peroxides will foam as it pulls bacteria and organic material.
Step 4 – WD-40 Treatment: Moderately spray the sink with WD-40 and use a rag to polish the entire sink. The oil will fill in cracks and restore the original shine to the sink.
Step 5 – Maintenance: To prolong refinishing needs, be sure to rinse the sink down with clear water and scrub it once a week with hydrogen peroxide. If you notice any cracks, be sure to treat them with WD-40.

DIY VS Professional Stainless Steel Sink Restoration

The above steps are merely an option to refinish the stainless-steel sink with products found easily in most households. To ensure the stainless-steel sink is refinished with quality workmanship, contact Chips, Tubs, & Tile Refinishing, and our certified experts will refinish the stainless sink quickly and efficiently to bring back the shine and beauty. Where there are other methods for DIY stainless steel sink refinishing, ultimately, you are better off having an expert to ensure it is done and avoid further damage. The refinish will last longer and look more vibrant with the high-quality execution of a trained expert.

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Depending on contributing factors, you may require refinishing the stainless-steel sink a few times a year, but to manage the maintenance of the finish, contact Chips, Tubs, & Tile Refinishing every year or so to keep the finish looking amazing. Call Chips, Tubs, & Tile Refinishing today for your stainless steel sink refinishing services.