How to Repair Hairline Cracks in Porcelain Sinks in Duncanville, TX; Sink Refinishing & Restoration

It is very common for porcelain sinks to crack, as they are very susceptible to them. There is little you can do about the problem, unfortunately. To help prevent the problem from reoccurring, however, learning the different reasons a porcelain sink cracks can be beneficial. There are a few common reasons as to why the porcelain sink cracked and today, we at Chips, Tubs & Tile Refinishing would like to relate the likely culprits.

What Causes Hairline Cracks in Porcelain Sinks?

Items Getting Dropped in Sink: A cracked sink is from a dropped item or contact by a falling item, though this is not interesting, but still highly realistic. Particularly if something dropped from a substantial height like the top of the medicine cabinet, but a heavy and solid will crack a porcelain sink fairly easily. A can of shaving cream, the glass jar of cotton balls, or a heavy metal shaving razor for example, can fall into the sink from cabinets above, causing the sink to crack. Place these heavier items beside the sink or in the sink cabinet drawers and avoid locating them on the shelves.
At what Temperature Does Porcelain Crack?: A very rapid or extreme change in temperature, like when a pot of boiling water is poured into your sink for instance, is a very frequent occurrence that leads to sink cracks. The sink loses heat fast and becomes very cold due to porcelain being usually layered on metal and metal is a conductor of heat, even if the area is not particularly cold. Temperature stress from when hot water contacts the cold porcelain, will crack the sink’s surface. It’s not the temperature as much as the thermal shock. Never pour hot liquids into a porcelain sink that has not been used for several hours, to prevent this cause and effect.
Accidental Damage to Porcelain Sink: Accidents happen occasionally, but when the outcome of the accident goes unnoticed or ignored, they become worse for wear. The cracks in the sink can be due to a sudden forceful contact with your sink, even from behind the sink wall. Additionally, the shock could crack the sink from moving a new appliance into the bathroom and it struck the sink or it a hammer striking the wall right behind the sink. From the previous stress in tandem with simply leaning on the sink can cause it to crack.
Age Induced Porcelain Cracks: The crack does not form all once in some instances. The crack can develop over time and the initial cause can be lost with age. Should you have recently noticed a crack but cannot come to mind of any thing that caused it in the last few months, time and older stresses is likely the culprit. When cracks continue to grow, the sink becomes more and more comprised. Impossible to notice at just a glance, a hairline fracture can start the domino effect that took its time to manifest as smaller additional shocks will slowly enlarge the crack until it becomes more obvious.

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