Is Bathtub Refinishing Worth it in Grand Prairie, TX? Yes! Reglazing Fiberglass, Porcelain & Cast Iron Tubs

Your bathroom is a huge part of your daily routine. Every person in the house has to use the bathroom and many people enjoy their shower or soaking in a tub and getting ready for the day. You want to make sure that you have a beautiful bathroom that is in good shape. Some areas of the bathroom are used more often than others and that is why they wear out faster. The bathtub and shower are a couple of those areas and repeated use can take a toll of the finish of the unit. That is why you may choose to have your bathtub refinished rather than replaced. This is a more affordable option and allows you more time with the bathroom before you have to do any major renovations. You want to make sure that you know what type of bathtubs are able to be refinished.

Chips Tub & Tile Refinishing Outlines What Types Of Bathtubs Can Be Professionally Refinished

Fiberglass Tub Refinishing: If you check out lots of bathrooms you will find that many of the bathtubs are made from a material that is called fiberglass. The great thing about fiberglass tubs is that they are light weight and should be able to withstand a lot of use. The fiberglass is prepared and then covered with layers of resin. The resin is what will create the color and sleek look of the tub. The problem that people have is when they are using an abrasive cleaner and it starts to break down the resin. This will weaken the coating and cause it to chip and crack. You can then have your bathtub refinished to a new look and continue to use it.
Refinish Porcelain Tubs: If you have a tub in your house that is even more cost effective then you likely have a steel tub that is then layered with porcelain. The steel is a great option for builders because they steel is affordable and can be stamped out into the shape that is needed. Then the steel is covered with a material called porcelain. The porcelain is a great finish on a tub but it can become damaged. If you are being harsh on the finish of the tub with cloths that are scratchy and the cleaner being abrasive then it can cause the finish to wear off. A persistent leak will also have the same effect. If the finish is damaged you need to have the tub refinished. This will give the tub the same clean finish that you had when you purchased it.
Refinish a Cast Iron Tub: If you have a reliable and sturdy bathtub then you might have a cast iron bathtub. The cast iron is heavy and is usually used in homes that are remodeled and upgraded. The iron is poured into the shape then finished with enamel. Similar to the rest of the finishes is that cast iron can get surface nicks and they can also rust as well. When they become damaged, you will want to refinish them as opposed to the cost and hassle of replacing them. This will let you keep your upgraded tub much longer and keep it looking great.

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