Pros to Reglazing & Refinishing Your Bathtub in Cedar Hill, TX; Cheaper than Replacement & More

There are a few options when you have an old, chipped, or otherwise damaged bathtub. One solution is to get the bathtub repaired and/or refinished. With the aesthetics not only being the only advantage, we at Chips, Tub & Tile Refinishing can be beneficial for you concerning efficiency, cost, and even health.

Refinishing a Bathtub is Cheaper than Replacement

Another option you have for your old tub is to replace it. When it comes to replacing a tub, there is more involved than a price of the preferred tub. You have to factor in the cost of a plumber and the replacement of the surrounding areas, which is necessary and by far the most expensive part as you calculate the total cost of a brand new bathtub replacement. Not all is lost should your bathtub look grubby, even after cleaning, or if it has significant staining, chips, and cracks. A significantly less expensive solution to replacing your bathtub, is investing in professional refinishing, helping you not only save money, but time as well. You can avoid the rather extensive and pricey remodeling by having a quality repair and/or refinishing service from a certified expert.

Bathtub & Sink Reglazing Helps Makes Bathroom Look Like New Again!

Your bathroom’s appeal does not have to be ruined with dull, stained, and inefficient fixtures. Not only can your bathtub be renewed, but your old sink, vanity, and even counters can be treated as well to offer a shiny new finish and save you a lot more money over the cost of replacement and remodeling project. Without the high cost, you have the refreshing effects new fixtures provide with a refinishing service. Many parts of your bathroom suite that have stains, chips, and scratches can be easily repaired in less than a day, leaving you with gratifying results of the new finish.

Waterproof Bathtub Refinishing Offers Protection from Lead in Old Tubs

Many porcelain tubs before 1984 may contain unsafe levels of lead according to studies. For the health concerns of your family and yourself, this is serious risk. With a safe, effective and cost-saving alternative to a complete replacement, your bathtub treatment can prevent any lead from affecting your family. By encapsulating your tub with waterproof bathtub finishing, you may be able to contain the lead and prevent it from leaking into your water.

Bathtub Refinishing is Eco Friendly

An excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint is with a tub refinishing as everyone does their part to be greener. Your decision minimizes your impact on the environment and saves you money as you consciously opt to not to install a new tub and dump your old one in a landfill.

Resurfacing Bathtub Extends the Lifespan of Your Tub

Potentially beyond your expectations for a chipped or damaged fixture, a refinished bathroom fixture can last years. The results of a typical refinish service can easily provide an additional 10 to 15 years of life for your tub as long as you implement proper maintenance that we can share tips for such as avoiding abrasive cleaners, scrubbing pads, and bathmats.

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