Why You Should Refinish Rather than Replace Your Kitchen & Bathroom Countertops in Carrollton, TX

As you start looking around your house you may see lots of different projects that you want to do to make your house look nicer. There are so many home improvement projects that add value and interest to your home. Many times when people start prioritizing their list of projects kitchen and bathroom projects end up top on the list. A common kitchen and bathroom project that people want to do is fix their countertops. Many times people assume that they need to completely replace their countertops in order to get them to look nice. Here at Chips, Tub & Tile Refinishing we provide an alternative to replacing your countertops. We specialize in refinishing your countertops. There are many benefits to choosing refinishing over replacing your countertops.

Cost to Refinish Countertops is Much Less than Replacement

The first benefit is the cost. Refinishing your countertops costs significantly less than replacing them. If your existing counters are in decent shape they can be repaired without a problem. We can refinish your countertops so that they look absolutely gorgeous again!

Modernize & Update Your Home

Frequently homeowners want to refinish countertops to help modernize their home. If your kitchen and bathrooms are outdated, refinishing them can give them a whole new, fresh and modern look. Most of the time people assume that in order to modernize their house they have to replace everything. When people modernize their house by replacing everything many times they actually upgrade their house more than the market can sustain. While they can enjoy the upgrades while they live there when they go to sell they will not get their money back out of the upgrades. Refinishing your countertops will help you modernize your house without the high cost.

Refinishing Repairs Scratches & Damage to Existing Countertops

Over the years your countertops will inevitably get scratched. Even the most careful of homeowners ends up with accidents that leave their countertops with imperfections. Refinishing your countertops will get your countertops looking brand new again!

Refinished Countertops are Features that Sell a Home

If you are getting ready to sell your home soon you may be looking for ways to help your home sell for more. Studies show that kitchens and bathrooms are two of the biggest selling features. When your kitchens and bathrooms look fantastic your home will be more likely to sell quicker and sell for more as well. Refinishing the countertops will help your home be a standout home when potential buyers come and check out your home.

Resurfacing Countertops Extend their Life

While some people are looking into refinishing their countertops so they can sell their home other people are fixing it up to live in themselves. Refinishing your countertops will help protect them so that they can last for years to come. You can expect years of wear after Chips, Tub & Tile Refinishing comes and refinishes your countertops.

Quicker Turnaround than Installation of New Countertops

Another advantage is that refinishing your countertops takes less time than replacing them. The process of replacing your countertops takes several weeks to finish. We can refinish your countertops in just a fraction of that time.

Countertop Refinishing, Restoration & More in Irving, Plano, Garland, Mesquite, Arlington & Greater Dallas, Texas

After reading about all of the advantages you may be ready to have your countertops refinished. Give us a call and we will come out and go over all of your options with you and get your project started. Chips, Tub & Tile Refinishing can handle all your countertop, bathtub, tile, shower and sink repair and refinishing needs!